Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Science Counts

Sean Carlin, Dr Sally Montgomery, Rhonda Gibson & Nelson McCausland

Who-what-where-when-why, known as W5, opened at the Oyssey in Belfast in 2001 and is a subsidiary of National Museums Northern Ireland.  It provides an informal learning environment incorporating 170 interactive exhibits in four exhibition areas with a changing programme of temporary exhibitions and events.

I visited W5 this morning and was welcomed by the chief executive Dr Sally Montgomery and Rhonda Gibson of the Northern Bank to see the Science Counts programme.  The Northern Bank have teamed up with W5 for a fourth year to support Science Counts, which aims to promote a positive attitude to maths among all ages.

The programme involves 36 schools and it shows students the fun and excitement of science and maths and how relevant these subjects are to their lives and the world around them.  Science and maths are vital to the prospects of a healthy economic future for Northern Ireland and this is an excellent programme, which will be enjoyed by many children.

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