Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A day out for a man from Lurgan

Pearce Toman is 25 years old and lives at Drumnamoe Avenue in Lurgan.  For many people the Twelfth is a day out, a day of celebration, but Pearce seems to have a very different idea of a day out.  He was arrested on Sunday and charged with grievous bodily harm with intent, riotous assembly, possession of petrol bombs and throwing a petrol bomb.

A police officer told the court that Toman did not know anyone in Ardoyne but he travelled 20 miles from Lurgan all the way to Ardoyne.to take part in the republican riots.  He was identified from a photograph by two police officers.  Police objected to bail and Toman was remanded in custody until 20 August.

It seems also that he was not the only person to travel that day from Lurgan to Ardoyne and a journalist told me that a very senior and notorious dissident republican from Lurgan was at Ardoyne on the Twelfth morning.


  1. Nelson

    Don't suppose you know if everyone on the unionist protest lived on twadell, the dales or close yo the site of the march or did they all travel to the area to protest. Your posts indicate a one sided view of almost everything.

  2. There were many people there from Woodvale, Ballysillan etc, who had come to see the Orange parade but I certainly didn't see anyone from Lurgan ... or for that matter from Spain.