Saturday, 14 July 2012

GARC and the Ardoyne riots (5)

The march organised by Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) on 12 July had a banner at the front.

The same image appears on a wall mural in Ardoyne and it provides a clue to the nature of GARC.

The mural takes the issue of parades and links it to a wider political agenda, which is summed up in '1969 OLD STORMONT 2011 NEW STORMONT - NOTHING HAS CHANGED'.  This is a direct attack on the current political arrangements in Northern Ireland and reflects the views of dissident republicans who do not accept the legitimacy of the Northern Ireland Assembly, or the principle of consent or the legitimacy of the PSNI.

GARC claims that it is 'a non party-political residents group' and it is indeed non-party-political but it is very political and the mural proves that those who are organising and orchestrating the groups are dissident republicans.  The GARC leadership is actually a coalition of dissident republican factions and so is not party-political but it is firmly rooted in dissident republicanism and this mural serves to illustrate that fact.


  1. Nelson, thanks for your input regarding the ongoing issues regarding unwelcome Loyal Order parades through Greater Ardoyne.

    As for your take on GARC being made up of a coalition of 'Dissident' Republican factions? Over 2,00 local residents marched against these sectarian parades..Are they all 'Dissident' Republicans?

  2. The so-called march was more of a rabble and according to Dee Fennell's radio interview included some of those who had been involved in the riot at Brompton Park. It's also hard to comment on all the crowd as a number of them were masked.

  3. Appreciate your prompt answer Nelson, your quite entitled to your opinion and that's all it really is, given your membership of the Anti-Catholic, Anti-Nationalist and Anti-Republican Orange Order.

    Yea, there were some scumbags who invaded the GARC march to cause trouble, however the vast majority of marchers were entirely peaceful.

    Do U not think it's time U, N&W Forum and the Loyal Orders sat down with GARC to end the endless sectarianism these marches cause to the Greater Ardoyne community? If not, why?

    If U wish U can read my own Blog, concerning last week's events @

  4. How many of the residents were either too frightened not to turn up or showed up in agreement for your anti orange order parade.I know what it's like to stand up to you bully boys. By the way you say your standing up for the catholic people and faith,tell me how often do you or your boys attend mass.

  5. TO ARDOYNE REPUBLICAN, You have the right to parade on our joint Crumlin road,excuse me if I organise some people who don't agree with you. Perhaps they may burn some cars throw things and cause havoc. If you realy want to have a republican style of life, I will have no loss of sleep over it. Perhaps as you have claimed the majority or is it all the people in Ardoyne want this I think your quite right. The only thing you'll have to do is to get everyone's name and address and tell the dhss that you wish to stop all of the benefits you are currently receiving and ask the Southern government to start paying you all what ever your due. Now doe's that seem fair to you.

  6. Ardoyne Republican - can you explain what would be the purpose of any conversation since you have an unalterable position of no Orangemen on the Crumlin Road. What would there be to discuss?

  7. In response to your question Nelson, the purpose of the conversation/meeting would be to explore one another's positions. Secondly, it would help greatly to fully & properly understanding the legitimate position that you and others in the Loyal Orders have in respect of Ardoyne.

    I and others in Ardoyne, cetainly have our own position but without a proper explanation/meeting with yourselves. We cannot possibly hope to fully comprehend why you insist on marching where you are clearly unwelcome.

    Lastly, I and many other Republicans in Ardoyne do not want to stop your parades but only to have them re-routed to where they are welcome and where they will not cause offence. Sadly, due to the optics, misrepresentations et el as well as the rioting it can be a little hard to be understood..

  8. @Fedup Protestant, I never once said that 'I' was standing up for the Catholic faith... I respect that faith as I do all faiths and none, however I wouldn't dream of claiming to speak on behalf of a religious faith. As I'm a Republican Activist.

  9. Am I not right in thinking that your position is very simple and clear - there should be no loyal order parades on the Crumlin Road between the junction with the Woodvale Road and Hesketh? Can you confirm that this is a fair and accurate statement of your position and that of GARC?

  10. Sorry, I haven't been online in a couple of days to respond...

    Regards my and of course GARC's positions on Loyal Orders parading between the junction of the Woodvale and Hesketh.

    In the absence of a meeting between GARC, the N&W. Belfast Parades Forum and the Loyal Orders your assertion is quite correct. In saying that, during such talks everything would be on the table including your positions.

    GARC also said recently; 'To demonstrate our willingness to find a sensible, peaceful solution, while remaining true to the vast majority of our residents’ wishes that there are no Loyal Order parades through our area we are prepared to take the first step. GARC will in future refuse to apply for any parades on the Crumlin/Ardoyne Roads, if the Loyal Orders reciprocate and give an undertaking to do the same. This will, in effect, create a shared and neutral non-parading zone on that stretch of the road'.