Wednesday, 18 July 2012

GARC and the Ardoyne riots (6)

Last Friday morning Dee Fennell, one of the leaders of the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) was on the Nolan Show on Radio Ulster.  He attempted to distance GARC from the rioters but admitted that some of the Ardoyne rioters had broken off from their rioting to join in the march organised by GARC on the Crumlin Road.

However his attempt to distance GARC from the rioters has become even less credible since the appearance in court of 33-year-old Alan Daniel Lundy on a charge of throwing missiles at police officers during the Ardoyne rioters.

The court heard that Lundy was carrying out marshalling duties at the GARC protest when police spotted him ushering parade members into Brompton Park.  Indeed there can be no doubt that he was a GARC marshal becuase he was listed by GARC as one of their marshals in their notification of the march.

A prosecution barrister said: 'He was then observed to move into the middle of the crowd, from where police saw him throw missiles at them.'

Of course GARC have now responded with white line pickets and placards demanding 'Free Alan Lundy' and accusing the Police Service of being the 'Perjury Service'.  Well if they want to play around with words, I would like to suggest that GARC might stand for Greater Ardoyne Rioters Collective.

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