Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Declan O'Loan

It was very disappointing to hear the attack by Declan O'Loan on funding for the Ulster-Scots Academy.  He clearly did not know what he was talking about but did not let ignorance get in the way of making a statement.  He also displayed a cultural prejudice which shows a politican who is locked into the past.

I intend to respond to his comments in some detail, showing where he has got it wrong and what the role of an academy will be in relation to such things as cultural tourism, creative industries, education and a 'shared and better future', all of which are priorities for government.

As a start here is my challenge to Declan - ye wudnae hae a gleed o wut, wud ye - an if he doesn't understand it then perhaps one of his party colleagues from North Antrim can translate it for him.


  1. Hi Nelson,

    Apologies as my post has nothing to do with Declan O' Loan, I simply didn’t know how else to contact you regarding a previous post.

    A few months ago I asked you a question regarding your desire to display biblical creationism in the Ulster Museum.

    We both agreed at the time, that yes the Orange Order most definitely did have a place in the museum. However I stated that a museum should be a place reserved for facts. You replied saying that you were trying to respond to the comments of others systematically and would get round to a reply.

    I was wondering would now be a suitable time for a reply.

    Also, and this is completely unrelated; as your surname is Mc Causland (a Scots Gaelic surname), does this mean that whilst you undoubtedly have Scots ancestry, but your also have highland Gaelic Scots ancestry also?

    Many thanks, hope to hear a reply

    Narayan Narayan

  2. 1. If you look back I set out my position some time ago.
    2. My ancestry contains many different strands - for example my mother was born in Scotland of Ulster parents but her father's family originally came from the Netherlands at the end of the 17th century.