Monday, 13 September 2010

Ulster-Scots Language Society magazine

I have just received a copy of the Augutum 2010 issue of Ullans, the magazine of the Ulster-Scots Language Society.

This is an excellent magazine as regards the quality of the content and the quality of the production.  There is a useful editorial with a report on the work of the society, some Ulster-Scots poetry and articles on various aspects of Ulster-Scots language, literature and culture.

Gordon Lucy has contributed an article on W F Marshall and other contributors include Dr Crawford Gribben and Dr Carol Baranuik, a member of the USLS committee, whose doctoral thesis was on the Ulster poet James Orrr.  John Erskine has written an article on Reading Robert Burns: an Ulster perspective, 1786-1796 and there are three new poems from Charlie Reynolds in North Antrim.

The title Ullans is an acronym for Ulster-Scots Language in Literature and Native Speech as well as a pun on the Scots word Lallans, which was used by Robert Burns for the language of the Lowland Scots.


  1. How much of it is IN Ulster-Scots?

  2. Why not buy a copy yourself and then you can count the pages?