Monday, 13 September 2010

European Heritage Open Day

On Saturday I visited the First Presbyterian Church (Non Subscribing) in high Street, holywood. This was a European Heritage Open Day and the church was opened for folk to visit and find out more about the history and architecture of the building. I was welcomed by the minister, Rev Colin Campbell, and the clerk of session, Myrtle McConnell. 

The building was designed by Sir Charles Lanyon around 1850. Inside the porch there are two sculptures by Rosamond Praeger, who was a Sunday school teacher in the congregation, and she also designed the war memorial.

There were some interesting memorials to former members and I noticed that one of them was for a member of the Davidson family of the Sirocco works, which suggests that the family may have been Non-Subscribing Presbyterians.

European Heritage Open Days are a great opportunity to explore and to enjoy the cultural wealth of our built heritage.

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