Saturday, 18 September 2010

Food for body and soul

This morning I enjoyed a hearty 'men's breakfast' at the Templeton Hotel at Templepatrick.  The speaker was Roy Walker, former manager of Crusaders and now manager of Ballymena United.  He is a very able speaker and communicator and he spoke to us about his Christian faith and the challenge of the gospel.  He also reflected on the way in which the faith of a Christian should influence every part of his life if he is truly a 'follower of Christ'.

Earlier this week I was interviewed by a university student for his dissertation, something which happens on a regular basis with many politicians.  He is considering the relationship between faith and politics and during the conversation I recalled a little outline that I read some years ago about the biblical phrase 'man of God'.  The writer, Guy King, said that a 'man of God' is one who believes on Him, belongs to Him, and behaves like Him.  That is a very simple summary of what a Christian should be.

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